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Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

My sister is expecting her first child soon and we could not be more thrilled! She recently picked out all of her major pieces of nursery furniture and then turned to me to help her with the accessories. Since she is waiting to be surprised about the baby's gender, the goal is to create a gender neutral nursery. My sister also requested to have a minimal amount of color.

Here is a visual showing what pieces she already selected.

Crib / Dresser / Glider / Rug / Mobile

Here is my advice for accessorizing:

1. Start with a large scale piece of art.

2. Add pillows. I like to add a pillow to the glider, as well as 1-2 pillows for the crib. These pillows can be easily stored in a basket on the floor when the baby is sleeping. Here are some pillows combinations I am loving for this room.

Pillow combo 1:

Pillow combo 2

PIllow combo 3:

3. Add task lighting next to the glider. A lamp by the glider will be a necessity for cuddling up to read a bunch of stories.

4. Create additional storage with baskets. Baskets are perfect for organizing some of the mess and providing quick storage for toys or extra blankets.

5. Add a faux floor plant to add some greenery. I like to stick these in a basket to cover the plastic pot they come in (without having to worry about a ceramic pot getting broken and potential hurting the baby)

6. Finish with accessories. In this example, my sister is using a large dresser as her changing table. The changing pad will only take up about half of the dresser so I would add an accessory or two on the other side. This could be a wooden toy or maybe a vase with faux greenery.

I could go on and on with more accessories, ideas for throw blankets, floor poufs, side tables and additional art selections. But here is a mood board with my favorite look.

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